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3-12-12 Nutrigrow Autumn Fertiliser Blend 20kg

3-12-12 Nutrigrow Autumn Fertiliser Blend 20kg

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Nutrigrow Autumn Lawn 3-12-12 is a quality NPK fertiliser, which is ideal for use in the autumn & winter on any grass area such as lawns, paddocks and pastures. This is a quality, fast acting spreadable blended fertiliser with 2-5mm granules designed for the Home & Garden and Amenity markets . Whilst it is commonly used during the cooler periods, Nutrigrow Autumn can be used all year round if you require a product with a low level of nitrogen. Use this fertiliser at an average of 50g per m². 

Treating grass in the autumn and winter is very important as it helps strengthen the grass whilst also offering pre-stress conditioning against the harsh conditions. Treating in the cooler months also helps to reduce the threat of disease, moss & weeds by encouraging a denser sward.

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