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Greenmaster Pro-Lite Invigorator Plus 4-0-14+8Fe 25kg

Greenmaster Pro-Lite Invigorator Plus 4-0-14+8Fe 25kg

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ICL Greenmaster Pro Lite Invigorator Plus is an excellent professional turf fertiliser ideal for maintaining turf health throughout the autumn, winter and spring. Invigorator plus is an NPK granular fertiliser containing 4% nitrogen and 14% potassium. As well as this, it also contains 2% magnesium oxide and 8% iron to improve turf hardiness. The high levels of potassium and iron improve the turf’s colour response, meaning the grass will green-up and look lush and healthy very quickly. The high iron content will also deter moss growth.

For an alternative product use 5-0-29 Nutrigrow High-K Fertiliser 25kg.

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