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Honda HRX 476 QY 19" Rear Roller Petrol Lawn Mower

Honda HRX 476 QY 19" Rear Roller Petrol Lawn Mower

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Honda is a worldwide engineering giant, and its products have long been recognised as some of the best in their respective fields. When they decided to enter the lawn machinery business, it was only logical that they would employ the same meticulous design and quality control techniques that have made their automobiles, bicycles, and generators synonymous with dependability. Honda mowers have been widely regarded as having the highest quality construction and longest lifespan in the industry for the past 45 years, with many models still functioning reliably after 20 years of use. The Honda Honda HRX476QY excellently displays this dedication to quality.

The Honda Honda HRX476QY is an upgraded version of the HRX476QX, and it features Honda's cutting-edge new GCVX170 167cc OHV Engine. This new engine is more compact, lighter, and has fewer moving components.The Honda HRX476QY's 19-inch (about. 47-centimeter) cutting deck is ideal for lawns up to around the size of a tennis court. The steel rear roller provides propulsion for the Honda HRX476QY, making it self-propelled. You may mow right up to the edge of your lawn without fear of dropping the rear tyre into the border and scalping the grass, all thanks to the roller, which also serves to move the mower ahead. Growing grass causes the soil around it to raise, creating an uneven lawn, which can be smoothed out using a back roller. The heavy steel roller helps compact the soil and smooth out the bumps.

The Honda HRX476QY is a high-end Honda mower with several extras that are absent from the cheaper Izy models. Among these qualities, Honda's Roto-Stop® blade brake technology stands out as maybe the most practical. To avoid having to repeatedly restart the mower after emptying the grass bag or moving it, this feature disables the blades without turning off the engine. In addition, the Honda HRX476QY has a cutting deck made of impact- and corrosion-resistant thermoplastic that, unlike cheaper plastic decks, is not made brittle by exposure to sunlight. Meanwhile, the Honda blade is made to twist rather than break if it hits a rock, keeping the mower intact.

The cutting height can be adjusted from 19mm to 55mm with a single lever on the back of the tool, and storage is a breeze thanks to the foldable handles. 



Roto-stop® - Stops the blades but leaves the engine running while you empty the grass bag or move across driveways with Self-propelled models.

Rear roller - Models with a rear roller give your lawn that classic striped effect. A rear roller offers greater machine balance and control when cutting around the edge of your lawn.

Low noise - Hondas R&D team have designed a patented low noise blade (-0.5dB(A)) compared to traditional blades. With a combination of engine and cutter deck design, its noise level is 30% under the current EU standard.

Easy start - These new, advanced 4-stroke engines have an enhanced combustion process that not only improves fuel efficiency; but ensures easy starting, even after winter storage. 

Durable cutter deck - The Polystrong and Xenoy cutter decks are made from high-tech polymer materials that are lightweight, strong and durable. They are also UV and corrosion resistant, helping it to stay in great condition.

No spills - Redesigned to make it much easier to refuel your HRX mower, the petrol tank filler cap is more than twice as large as the previous models.

Hands on - The HRX is so easy to maintain. The air filter can be simply changed by hand and the spark plug is much more accessible thanks to the new engine design.


Type HRX Lawnmower

Rear Roller (Stripe) Yes

Cutting Width 19" / 47cm

Cutting Heights 19 - 58 mm

Cutting Height Adjustment Yes - with central height adjustment

Drive Self-propelled

Grass Bag Capacity 73 L

Engine GCV 170

Safety Breaking Roto-stop®

Cutter Deck Material Polystrong®

Dry Weight 42 kg

Starter Mechanism Recoil

Noise Value 95 dB(A)

Garden Size Compact to Medium (No larger than a tennis court)

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