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HONDA HRX 537 HY Petrol Lawn Mower

HONDA HRX 537 HY Petrol Lawn Mower

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About the HONDA HRX 537 HY Petrol Lawn Mower

A highly efficient mower that works at a pace that suits you.

The HRX 537 HY is a self-propelled lawn mower that makes mowing even the largest of lawns effortless. With a 21″ cutting blade – this mower can handle any lawn, no matter how big.

For the more complex garden with slopes or rough terrain, the Hydrostatic variable speed technology is unmatched in quality and gives you great accuracy and a smooth, analogue speed control – not limited by rigid stepped speed settings, Honda’s Hydrostatic drive offers truly variable speed for ultimate control.

The fine level of control is matched in the machine’s finesse, fitted with a patented low noise blade, designed to be quieter than standard mower blades. Combined with Honda’s industry leading 4 stroke engine and high quality cutter deck design results in a mower that has a noise level of 30% under the European noise regulation.

Versamow integrated mulching system.

Honda R&D have been hard at work developing the Versamow integrated mulching system, and we think their work has paid off. For optimum mulching effectiveness, grass clippings must be small enough to access the roots of plants and minimise the thatch formation. To achieve this, the HRX 476 uses the MicroCut system – which uses two blades, ensuring the grass gets cut twice and is as small as possible.

The Versamow system gives you total control over the mulching process- by using an adjustable window between the cutting area and the collection bag. By gradually opening or closing the window, you can control the quantity of grass ejected. If you want to promote healthy green grass that grows faster, open it up, but if you want to cut overgrown grass down to size, close it. The adjustable window caters for this and everything in between.

Industry leading innovations.

The HRX 537 HY packs in all of the great innovations you would expect from a Honda product. An easy to operate fuel cap is designed for ease of use – and the ratchet system ensures it cannot be over tightened. The mower itself is highly durable, and the blade is designed to twist rather than break in case of impact – meaning that you wont have to replace the entire mower if an accident occurs, just swap the blade out and continue mowing. 

A redesigned recoil grip is both soft to the touch and moulded to fit the hand, making starting the mower an easy task rather than an awkward rowing exercise! The handle features quick release height adjustment to make sure you can quickly alter the height of the handles to better suit your need. Thecutter deck can be altered to one of four height settings, letting you get the perfect fit for you.

The Roto-Stop blade break clutch lets you stop the blades but leave the engine running – allowing you to traverse gravel and driveways without losing self-propulsion or damaging the mower.

These features work together to give you a mower that is in a class of it’s own.

HONDA HRX 537 HY Petrol Lawn Mower Technical Information

  • Power source: petrol
  • Engine: OHC 4-stroke Honda GCVX201
  • Engine power: 202 cc / 6.5 hp
  • Transmission: hydrostatic
  • Cutting width: 53 cm / 21 inch
  • Cutting height: 19 – 101 mm
  • Cutting height positions: 7
  • Propulsion: self-propelled
  • Speed: 0 – 4 mph
  • Collector capacity: 88 Litres
  • Sound power level: 98 dB(A)
  • Weight: 44 kg
  • Dimensions: 1665 x 1122 x 588 mm
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