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HONDA IZY HRG 416 PK Petrol Lawnmower (Push)

HONDA IZY HRG 416 PK Petrol Lawnmower (Push)

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A 41 cm/16 inch push lawnmower for smaller gardens, offering durability, manoeuvrability, and environmental friendliness. Its Euro-5 compliant engine, simple maintenance, and robust design make it an excellent choice.

About the HONDA IZY HRG 416 PK Petrol Lawnmower (Push)

The Honda Izy HRG 416 PK Petrol Lawnmower stands out as a remarkable addition to any garden toolkit. This push petrol lawnmower goes beyond being just a machine; it’s a gardening ally, crafted to make lawn maintenance simple, efficient, and enjoyable. Moreover, the Honda HRG 416 PK redefines lawn care with its innovative, durable, and user-friendly design.

Cutter Deck and Garden Size Compatibility

Equipped with a 41 cm/16 inch steel cutter deck, the Honda Izy HRG 416 PK is lightweight yet durable, perfect for small to medium-sized gardens up to 800 m² (roughly the size of a tennis court). Additionally, it offers effortless manoeuvrability, is hard-wearing, resists corrosion, and withstands UV rays.

Operating as a push petrol lawnmower, the Honda HRG 416 PK requires manual effort. This traditional operation style grants complete control to the user, allowing for precision and care in smaller gardens.

Moreover, the Honda HRG 416 PK is versatile, adapting to various lawn types. Its precise cutting mechanism ensures a consistently clean cut, promoting healthier lawn growth and enhancing your garden’s overall look.

Innovative Engine Technology

At its core, the Honda Izy HRG 416 PK features the advanced Euro-5 compliant, four-stroke GCVx engine. Engineered for superior performance, it enhances combustion and efficiently uses fuel, even with variations in fuel quality.

User-Friendly Design

Starting the Honda HRG 416 PK is straightforward, thanks to its Auto Choke system, which optimises temperature sensing and choke functionality. This system simplifies mower starting, even in challenging weather, ensuring a smooth start to your lawn care routine.

Honda designed the Izy HRG 416 PK with maintenance in mind. Serviceable parts like the oil drain and spark plug are easily accessible. A larger fuel filler cap and tool-free access to the air filter further simplify maintenance, making the Honda HRG 416 PK a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Robust and Long-Lasting

Honda’s hallmark durability is evident in the HRG 416 PK. Built to withstand regular lawn maintenance, this lawnmower is not just a tool but a long-term investment in your garden’s beauty and health.

Environmental Responsibility

In today’s eco-conscious world, the Honda HRG 416 PK stands out with its Euro-5 compliant engine, making it an environmentally friendly choice for lawn care. This mower demonstrates Honda’s commitment to sustainability, allowing you to care for your lawn and the planet simultaneously.

Convenient Storage Solutions

Storing the Honda HRG 416 PK is effortless due to its compact design. It fits easily into most storage spaces, such as garden sheds or garages, without occupying too much space. This mower’s design also facilitates quick and easy cleaning after use, extending the convenience to its maintenance.

The Honda Izy HRG 416 PK Petrol Lawnmower is an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solution for lawn care. It combines innovative technology, ease of maintenance, robust design, and environmental friendliness, making it a standout in garden machinery. Whether tending to a small or medium-sized garden, the Honda HRG 416 PK ensures a beautifully maintained lawn with minimal effort, proving itself as a valuable addition to your gardening tools.

Assembly Required

Some assembly is required for the lawnmower; you will need to build and attach the handlebars and assemble and fit the grass box. For a more hassle-free experience, opting for our lawnmower assembly service means your lawnmower will be delivered on a pallet ready-to-mow. You’ll simply need to unfold the handlebars, fit the grass box, and add fuel – the bottle of oil will already be decanted into the lawnmower, further simplifying the setup process.

Honda HRG 416 PK FAQs

Q. How much does a Honda HRG 416 PK weigh?
A. Excluding fuel, the HRG 416 PK weighs 28 kg.

Q. What cc is the Honda HRG 416 PK?
A. 145 cc.

Q. What is the difference between the Honda HR range of lawnmowers?
A. The Honda HR range of lawnmowers varies in engine size and type, cutting width, deck material, transmission style (self-propelled or push), mulching capabilities, start mechanisms, adjustable cutting heights, presence of rear rollers, overall size and weight, as well as noise level and emissions.

 HONDA IZY HRG 416 PK Petrol Lawnmower (Push) Technical Information

  • Cutter deck size: 41 cm/16 inch
  • Cutter deck material: pressed steel
  • Engine: OHV 4-stroke
  • Engine displacement: 145 cc
  • Engine model: GCVx 145
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.91 Litres
  • Transmission: push
  • Cutting height adjustment: 20-74 mm (6 positions)
  • Grass bag capacity: 42 Litres
  • Guaranteed sound level: 94 dB(A)
  • Dry weight: 28 kg
  • Length: 1415 mm
  • Width: 453 mm
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