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Hultafors Axe handle 650-50x20, 842720

Hultafors Axe handle 650-50x20, 842720

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The Hultafors Axe handle 650-50x20, 842720, is a reliable replacement handle tailored for Hultafors axes. Crafted from durable hickory wood, it boasts excellent shock absorption and durability. With precise dimensions of 50mm in diameter and 20mm in thickness, it guarantees a secure fit for compatible axe heads. Engineered for ergonomic comfort and efficient use, this handle ensures a firm grip for various woodcutting tasks, making it an indispensable accessory for maintaining your Hultafors axe.


- Material: High-quality hickory wood
- Dimensions: 50mm (diameter) x 20mm (thickness)
- Compatibility: Designed specifically for Hultafors axes
- Ergonomic Grip: Provides comfortable and secure handling
- Precision Fit: Ensures a tight and reliable attachment to the axe head
- Durable Construction: Built to withstand heavy-duty use



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