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  • 170mm curved blade with 25° bevel
  • Carve broad concave surfaces in timber; hollow chair seats etc
  • Hand forged quality German steel with wooden handles

Also known as a Round Shave, Croom Iron or Scorper, this gives a clue to its possible origins in the coopers' trade for working inside a cask.

The Inshave has a 35mm wide blade with a cutting edge approximately 170mm long. In effect, it is a drawknife with the blade bent into a curve. It is equally at home in the hands of chair makers, musical instrument makers and anyone wishing to carve a broad concave surface in timber. The blade has a 25° bevel on the outside. Used in the same manner as a drawknife, the two wooden handles offer excellent control. Hand forged from fine German tool steel, the blade has a machine-sharpened edge and will greatly benefit from final honing to make it truly razor sharp.


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