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Monsanto Roundup ProActive 360

Monsanto Roundup ProActive 360

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Roundup Monsanto ProActive is a strong weed killer with a patented formulation containing 360g/l of glyphosate. The optimised formula delivers highly efficient activity which ensures fast-acting and effective results on any weeds its applied to, with signs of decay appear after just 10 days as the solution works its way through the plant right to the roots, killing it completely.

Roundup Monsanto ProActive is industrial herbicide which is sprayed on to green leaves where it is absorbed and drawn into the plants vascular system. It works by interrupting vital biological processes and ensuring the plant is removed completely. Usable in aquatic areas. Roundup proactive is a professional product not intended for uncertified domestic or unsupervised use.

Non-hazardous as classified by COSHH

Does not carry a hazard symbol for transport and storage

Offers a high standard of operator safety

Approved for use in aquatic areas

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