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Mora 105 Wood Carving Knife

Mora 105 Wood Carving Knife

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The Mora 105 Wood Carving Knife has an oiled wood handle and a blade crafted from laminated steel. It is a medium length knife suited for various carving activities, most especially spoon carving.

The handle on this carving tool is large enough to provide one’s hands with a more secure, more comfortable grip. The 82mm long blade with 2mm thickness is narrow enough to make tight turns more swiftly. It also has no problems accessing the tight areas other knives will have difficulty reaching.


  • Blade Length: 79mm
  • Blade Thickness: 2.7mm
  • Knife Length: 200mm
  • Total Length: 200mm
  • Net Weight: 71.2g

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Item Type Bladed 18

Manufacturer No M105

Brand Mora

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