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Mora 120 Woodcarving Knife - Carbon

Mora 120 Woodcarving Knife - Carbon

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The Mora 120 - 60mm Woodcarving Knife will not let you down in various carving projects, because of its short and sharp blade. Its thin and tapered blade is 60mm long and can even cut hardwood such as ash and cherry. The 120 is shorter than the 106, allowing for even more detail in your whittling and carving products. 

This high quality Woodcarving knife boasts of genuine birch wood handle that provides better carving control and grip. The overall length of the mora 120 knife is 168mm. This handy and efficient carving knife also comes with a thermoplastic sheath and belt loop. 


Blade Length: 60 mm

Blade Thickness: 2.5 mm

Knife Length: 165 mm

Total Length: 230 mm

Net Weight: 69.5 g

Blade: Carbon Steel


Is the Mora 120 a good beginners knife? 

Yes, the 120 is an excellent knife to start with, mainly for one reason - sharpness. Quite often, people associate sharpness with getting cut or a knife being more dangerous, when it comes to carving the sharpener the better, with a blunt knife you have to apply more pressure to cut or shave the wood. If too much pressure it applied, when the wood finally gives in and cuts your hand tends to fly off. 

How do I look after my Mora 120?

It's likely to get covered in sap, water and wood shavings, the best way to look after your knife is to clean the blade with any oil and an old cloth. 

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