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ProloNg 12-10-18+ Trace 20kg

ProloNg 12-10-18+ Trace 20kg

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ProloNg 12-10-18 + Trace is a premium NPK fertiliser that is perfect for use on outfields, fairways, and sports pitches. 12-10-18 is a blended Pre-seeder with ProloNg® technology, which ensures a long-lasting effect and contains 80% of nitrogen as urea and 20% of nitrogen as ammoniacal, as well as 100% of potash from potassium sulphate, resulting in a low salt formulation. The longevity of the fertiliser can vary depending on recommended application rates, the season of application, and environmental conditions, Spring/Summer, 6-8 weeks or autumn/winter, 4+ months.

ProloNg 12-10-18 + Trace contains three essential macronutrients - nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium - each of which plays a vital role in plant growth, including aid in photosynthesis, conversion of other nutrients into usable building blocks, and regulation of CO2 uptake during photosynthesis.

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