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STIHL BR 700 Petrol Backpack Blower

STIHL BR 700 Petrol Backpack Blower

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STIHL’s ultra high-performance professional backpack blower has a length-adjustable tube and adjustable handle, high blowing force and low weight, ideal for removing grass and hedge cuttings, leaves and debris from large areas.

The most powerful blower in STIHL’s arsenal.

The BR 700 is an exceptionally powerful, ultra high-performance professional backpack blower, offering high blowing force and low weight, making it ideal for easily removing grass and hedge cuttings, leaves and debris from large areas.

Efficient, powerful & durable

The BR 700 uses STIHL’s 4-MIX engine technology, which runs on a fuel-oil mix like a 2-stroke machine, offering you the benefits of 4-stroke power without any of the compromises. Typically, this includes faster acceleration, more power, extra torque, less noise, lower emissions and better fuel efficiency compared to conventional machines. This technology enables you to complete your jobs more quickly and more easily than ever before.

Fully adjustable, ergonomic design

Professional users will really appreciate the considerations STIHL have taken while designing this machine to make it as comfortable as possible to use. This is helped by the adjustable tube and handle. The blowing tube is able to be simply and easily adjusted, without tools, to suit individual body sizes or particular cleaning tasks, so you can achieve optimum blowing force and control at all times. The handle can likewise be adjusted with no tools, so that you can get a comfortable position to work with.

Comfortable operation at all times

This blower uses an ergonomic harness with a hip belt to offer additional carrying comfort, backed up by height and strap adjustment. STIHL’s anti-vibration technology dampens the oscillations from the machine’s engine to significantly reduce vibrations at the handle, so you can get more precise control and work for longer without fatigue. The handle itself supports multi-function control, with easy, comfortable thumb-operation allowing your hand to remain in place while working.

STIHL BR 700 Petrol Backpack Blower Technical Information

  • Capacity: 64.8 cm3
  • Performance: 2.8 kW
  • Performance: 3.8 hp
  • Weight: 10.9 kg
  • Sound Pressure Level: 101 dB(A)
  • Sound Power Level: 109 dB(A)
  • Vibration Value, Left: 2.5 m/s2
  • Blowing Force: 35 N
  • Air Flow Rate: 1.550 m3/h
  • Maximum Air Flow: 1.860 m3/h
  • Air Speed: 165 mph
  • Max. Air Speed With Round Nozzle: 196 mph
  • Air Speed With Round Nozzle: 74 m/s
  • Max. Air Speed: 88 m/s
  • Tank Volume: 1.40 l
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