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STIHL MS 881 Petrol Chainsaw

STIHL MS 881 Petrol Chainsaw

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The STIHL MS 881 Petrol Chainsaw, currently the world’s most powerful production chainsaw, is the ideal tool for professional foresters and loggers. This high-performance saw has the highest displacement (121.6 cc) and engine power (6.4 kW) in the market, making it suitable for the most demanding forestry jobs. Excellent for working in extreme conditions and for harvesting big timber, this chainsaw can also be fitted to a saw frame for additional versatility. The MS 881 features a 2-MIX engine to comply with EU5 emission regulation and an HD2 filter to ensure a long-service life.

Equipped with STIHL’s cutting-edge technologies, this chainsaw ensures an easy and safe operation. The anti-vibration system effectively dampens the oscillations from the machine’s engine, reducing vibrations at the handles and mitigating long-term effects on the user’s hands and arms. The decompression valve, as part of the easy starting system, reduces the compression pressure when starting and lessens the effort needed to pull the starter rope. In addition, the compensator in the carburettor maintains the fuel/air ratio constant, thus ensuring a constant engine power, even as the air filter becomes clogged.

The MS 881 chainsaw is available in three bar lengths options of 30″, 36″, and 41″ with a .404″ Rapid Super chain, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Its built-in carburettor heating ensures the chainsaw’s optimum operation even in freezing temperatures, while the Ematic chain lubrication system provides pinpoint lubrication of the saw chain links and guide bar rails for maximum lubrication and less oil consumption.

Key Features:

  • World’s most powerful chainsaw
  • STIHL 2-MIX engine with EU5 emission regulation compliance
  • HD2 filter for long-service life
  • Anti-vibration system for comfortable operation
  • Decompression valve for easy start
  • Compensator for consistent engine power
  • Variable-displacement oil pump for precise oil delivery
  • Side chain tensioner for easy chain adjustment
  • Carburettor heating for operation in freezing temperatures
  • STIHL ElastoStart for reduced shock during starting
  • Tool-free filler caps for easy fuel and oil filling
  • Single-lever master control for convenient operation
  • Ematic chain lubrication system for efficient lubrication


Technical data Value
Bar length cm 75-105
Bar length in 30-41
STIHL Oilomatic saw chain pitch/type .404″ Rapid Super
Maximum RPM 1/min 1) 11.000
Displacement cm³ 121.6
Performance kW 6.4
Weight kg 2) 9.9
Tank volume l 1.30
Speed at maximum power rpm 8.500
Bumper spike 2 Steel claws
Sprocket – number of teeth 7 Z
Power-to-weight ratio kg/kW 1.5
Cylinder Chrome
Filter material PET fabric
Oil pump Adjustable
Additional features Ematic chain lubrication system
Filter HD2 filter
Sprocket Ring sprocket
Chain tensioning Lateral chain tensioning
Anti vibration system Standard AV-System
Weight kg 3) 12.57 / 13.23 / 14.24
Handle type Standard grip
Power output kW/bhp 6.4/8.6
Exhaust Standard muffler
Filler cap Tool-free filler cap
Chain pitch .404″
Carburettor Standard carburettor / compensator / limiter caps
Sound pressure level dB(A) 4) 106
EPA Certified fuel consumption glh 0.846
EPA Certified fuel consumption l/h 0-3.205
Oil tank volume cm3 700
Sound power level dB(A) 4) 118
Vibration values left/right m/s² 5) 8.9/8.9
STIHL Oilomatic saw chain pitch/type .404″
CO² ­ g/kWh 729


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Weight 14.24 kg



Chainsaw - Bar Length

75cm / 30", 90cm / 36", 105cm / 41"

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