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Tung Oil 500ml

Tung Oil 500ml

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What's This For? 

This Tung Oil is high quality and pure with no added driers or thinners, making it natural and safe to use in all environments. It provides a very hard wearing, water and stain resistant finish, making it ideal for kitchen worktops and other items of kitchen utensils, bowls and boards. It is also great for finishing toys and children's furniture. It dries to a lovely natural matte finish and can be used on both indoor and outdoor wood. Due to its strong water-resistant properties it is ideal for use on all kinds of wood used outdoors. It is absolutely ideal for sealing bare and unfinished wood, helping to prevent it from marking and staining with use.

It's of similar ilk as Danish Oil in regards to quality. For your hand tools it can provide a protective barrier for both the metal and wood handles. 

Please bear in mind that the image shown may not represent the product delivered. You will receive 500ml.
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