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Key Features

  • Polished PM-V11 steels blade 100mm long x 3mm thick and 19mm wide
  • Teardrop-shaped dropped handles made of Walnut
  • Ground and honed to a perfect edge, blade guard included

This is no ordinary drawknife, somewhat smaller than usual and intended for work where more control is called for. This drawknife from Veritas has a blade made from PM-V11 steel and is designed for ease of use with maximum control. The teardrop-shaped handles are cocked at 45° to the blade and nestle comfortably in your hands. The polished 100 x 3 x 19mm PM-V11 blade is ground and honed to a perfect edge, and is supplied with a blade guard.

Blades made from PM-V11 are highly resistant to dulling or damage from wear and impact. These blades take a keen edge and hold it through extended use. PM-V11 is as easy to sharpen using water stones or other common sharpening methods. Testing showed that a PM-V11 blade edge lasts at least twice as long in use as an A2 blade. Made in Canada.

Blade Length 100 mm
Blade Width 19 mm
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