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wolfgarten 4x POWER Cut Bypass Lopper

wolfgarten 4x POWER Cut Bypass Lopper

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These Bypass Loppers are the ideal tool for cutting younger branches. They feature new innovative cutting head technology which reduce the amount of effort required by the user. This makes them easier to use for both beginners and professionals and effectively quadruples the amount of force applied to the branch when cutting.

The non-stick coated blades can cut branches up to 50mm in diameter, and the flat screw connections help to prevent unnecessary damage to the bark. The telescopic handles can be adjusted from 650-900mm, enabling you to reach higher branches with ease. The handles have non-slip sleeves for added comfort, whilst the integrated rubber buffers absorb impact during cutting.

Product Details

Blades Bypass
Cutting diameter 50 mm
Ergonomic handle Yes
Dimensions (L / W / H) (cm) 8 / 35 / 65
Net weight (kg) 1.5
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