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Wolfgarten multi-change® Aluminium D-Grip Handle

Wolfgarten multi-change® Aluminium D-Grip Handle

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This aluminium handle has a comfortable sleeve and D-Grip helping to provide additional leverage when needed. At 85cm in length, this handle is particularly effective when used with tools that use a thrusting motion such as the weed extractor and the lawn edging iron.

Made from high quality aluminium, this handle is lightweight but strong. The easy-to-use release button allows you to securely lock in and remove the chosen tool head, enabling you to swap attachments in seconds, whilst the plastic sleeve and shock-absorbing design combine to ensure comfort with stability.

Product Details

Handle Aluminium D-Grip
Dimensions (L / W / H) (cm) 80 / 4 / 4
Net weight (kg) 0.48
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