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wolfgarten multi-change® Telescopic Handle 170-300cm

wolfgarten multi-change® Telescopic Handle 170-300cm

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The ZMV3 telescopic handle extends from 170cm to 300cm through 5 stages and is made from lightweight, sturdy aluminium with a PVC sleeve for a secure grip. The 3m extensions means this is an ideal handle for window washing, tree care, or fruit picking as you can keep your feet firmly on the ground, making it safer and easier.

A handle is the starting point for any multi-change® collection and the telescopic handles provide extra height when needed. The easy-to-use release button allows you to securely lock in and remove the chosen tool head, enabling you to swap attachments in seconds.

Product Details

Handle Telescopic
Dimensions (L / W / H) (cm) 170 / 5 / 5
Net weight (kg) 0.972
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