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Wolfgarten multi-change® Window Wiper & Handle

Wolfgarten multi-change® Window Wiper & Handle

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This broad Window Wiper has a high quality 35cm wide rubber lip to help clean windows quickly and effectively. The integrated swivel joint adjusts to 110° to help reach difficult areas such as corners and curves. This tool comes fully equipped with a small ZM02 handle which allows greater control when working on lower levels. When used with a telescopic handle, this tool can reach windows up to 5.5 metres high without the need for a ladder.

Manufactured in Germany to the highest of engineering standards, this tool is designed to be used with your choice of lightweight multi-change® handles.

Product Details

Working width 35 cm
Dimensions (L / W / H) (cm) 10 / 35 / 30
Net weight (kg) 0.516
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