Selection Guide & Advice | Building & Renovation, Gardening & Landscaping, Painting & Decorating

If you'd like some help choosing the right tool for you, or if you have any questions relating to any of the products listed - get in touch, we're here to help! 

I own and run a gardening and landscaping company with 8 years of experience. I am also a business partner with a building/renovation company. We have immersive knowledge in the trade world and know what works and what doesn't work. 

Much like having a second opinion for health related reasons, we offer an expert advice service within the realm of trade services. If you have any queries relating to a job that needs doing or a job that's ongoing, we are here to offer expert advice. It could be that you are having issues with your current tradesman or company employed, or are in doubt about an issue that needs resolving,  we are here provide peace of mind. For detailed responses and examination, we charge £30 per page of written advice. 

Disclaimer: This will not be legal advice. We are not solicitors or lawyers. We are tradesmen and teachers with years of experience.