Collection: Gardening & Landscaping Hand Tools

For domestic and professional use, listed are products of the highest quality. These have been specifically chosen based on quality, robustness, and reliability. There are no cheap and nasty tools here. 

Being a gardening business owner, I have hand picked the tools myself. You pay for what you get, which is why I have not listed any cheap and nasty tools that will break after a couple of uses. I've tried many cheap low quality tools to save my money in the past. Every single time, ranging from loppers, secateurs, shears, trowels - they all break. And guess what? For all the cheap and nasty tools I've bought, broken, and replaced, I've paid more for each individual tool than it would have cost me to buy a decent one in the first place. 

This ethos doesn't only apply to your business: it applies to a domestic setting as well. Buy a decent tool and it will last, it will never let you down. Buy for quality, not for brand or unneeded/unnecessary expense, or to save a few pennies in your pocket. 

The tools you see are the tools personally recommended.