Collection: Gardening & Landscaping Power Tools

As the owner of a gardening & landscaping business with 8 years of experience, I have used many power tools. 

Starting out I had to use what I could afford to use. This meant I chose (usually) the cheapest on the market. I got to know which products were actually decent, and which tools were bad. As the saying goes, ''Buy cheap; buy twice, or thrice'', and it's usually true. I have trialled many cheap power tools in hope of a diamond in the rough. 

I understand that many startup businesses have a limited budget, and as you expand and the income starts coming in, you can invest in better and more robust tools. That's why I have hand picked products for you. They range from the cheapest you can possibly go while being able to do a professional job, all the way up to the premium products for commercial use (every day use). I refuse to include every single product on the market because I only want to sell reliable products, from reliable companies, with reliable reviews.

With that in mind, the ''cheapest'' product on here doesn't mean ''bad''. Domestic products are usually cheaper but they still hold up. It just means that they are not made for every day use.

For example, if you're only cutting your own lawn and a neighbours lawn throughout the year, you don't need a £1000 mower. That's around 36 cuts per year. You need a reliable mower that costs between £150 - £300. As a gardening business owner, that same mower would be the perfect back up to have in the garage, when your commercial one is in need of servicing.