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4-12-12 Sportsmaster Fertiliser 25kg

4-12-12 Sportsmaster Fertiliser 25kg

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The 4-12-12 Everris ICL Sportsmaster fertiliser is a well-balanced NPK formula ideal for strengthening lawns and turf. It has a mini-granular formulation which offers even spreading and a rapid breakdown for an immediate and consistent response. A fast acting fertiliser, 4-12-12 Sportsmaster will help you gain a healthy, lush and vigorous lawn by encouraging a denser sward. Having a healthy lawn enables it to withstand many lawn issues such as weeds, moss growth, disease and drought.

Treating grass in the autumn and winter is very important as it offers pre-stress conditioning.

Looking for a cheaper alternative? Why not look at Nutrigrow 3-12-12.

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