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Greenmaster Pro Lite Double K 7-0-14+4Fe 25kg

Greenmaster Pro Lite Double K 7-0-14+4Fe 25kg

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Greenmaster Pro Lite is a powerful turf-enhancing solution with a carefully balanced formula. Greenmaster pro lite features a low nitrogen content combined with high levels of potassium, allowing it to strengthen your turf all year round. With the added benefits of calcium and magnesium, Pro-lite double k calmag provides essential nutrients to your turf. Specifically designed as an alternative autumn treatment, it ensures optimal results when phosphate levels are already sufficient.

The low nitrogen application allows for its safe and effective use throughout the year, promoting continuous turf health and vigor. The high potassium content aids in fortifying your turf against the challenges of stressful summer or autumn conditions.

Greenmaster’s innovative phosphate-free formulation also assists in managing soil phosphorus build-up, it effectively hinders the establishment of Poa annua, a common turfgrass weed, ensuring a healthier and more desirable turf appearance.

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