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Thomas Elliot's Granular TSP 25kg

Thomas Elliot's Granular TSP 25kg

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Thomas Elliot’s granular TSP (Triple Super Phosphate) is specially designed to be an additive to soil during a period of extensive nutrient growth. For example, when tomato plants are beginning to produce fruits they use a lot of nutrients including phosphorus. Thomas Elliott’s can also be used before planting to give new plants a larger source of Phosphorus when they require it.

Phosphorus is an essential plant macro-nutrient, in a form that is readily taken by plants. It also converts sunlight into energy, but too little phosphorus leads to reduced plant growth and crop yield. It is recommended to test your soil for deficiencies before planting, as an excess of phosphorus can inhibit the absorption of other nutrients by plants. Be mindful of how much and when you apply phosphorus, as it can become ‘fixed’ and unavailable to plants.

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